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Your personalised financial guidance in the digital era

Start investing now and get a free bank account plus a bonus of up to 250 CHF.

Your way to investing in 4 simple steps

Quick start with the Alpian App

Download the Alpian App and create your fully digital bank account within minutes. Explore the world of investing right at your fingertips.

Discover your investor DNA

Complete our questionnaire to discover your investor profile based on your aspirations, risk appetite, and financial goals.

Get an investment strategy that's unique to you

Dive into a world where your investment strategy is as individual as you are. Professionally managed, cost-efficient, and designed for comfort.

Decide who manages your portfolio

Want to keep control and benefit from expert guidance or completely delegate everything? With Alpian, the choice is yours.

Managed by Alpian

Our renowned discretionary investment mandate: An auto-pilot solution for those who prefer to delegate their strategy, portfolio management, and execution entirely to our expert team.

Guided by Alpian

Our new advisory investment mandate: A hybrid solution, perfect for those who value expert guidance while maintaining final decision-making control.

Start investing and get rewarded

Start investing now and get a free bank account plus a bonus of up to 250 CHF.

Amount investedReward
CHF 10,000 to CHF 30,000 CHF 100
CHF 30,000 to CHF 50,000CHF 150
CHF 50,000 and moreCHF 250

Frequently asked questions

The full terms and conditions are available here. We encourage you to read them to understand all the details. 

It’s as easy as opening your Alpian account and selecting the Managed by Alpian or Guided by Alpian investment mandate. Our team of experts is happy to learn about you and your lifestyle so they can build you a customised portfolio designed for long-term resilience and performance.

At Alpian, we understand that the investment landscape can be overwhelming, especially with over 8000 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) available. That's why our team takes a meticulous approach to carefully select ETFs across various asset classes, including equities, fixed income, commodities, thematic investments, and digital assets – all while making sure our curated selection is aligned with your aspirations and risk tolerance. Rather than focusing on trading, we prioritise building robust investment strategies that stand the test of time. For a deeper dive into investing with Alpian, visit our dedicated page.

Alpian's wealth management services are available for portfolios starting at CHF 10'000. The day-to-day banking services can be used without a minimum deposit.

Alpian combines digital tools with experienced wealth managers to provide a modern and efficient wealth management experience. We offer customisable investment strategies, transparent pricing, and a focus on client satisfaction, which is a departure from traditional private banking practices.

The 0.75% fee covers custody, transaction costs, deposits/withdrawals, mandate closure, and advisor consultations, with no hidden charges.

The 0.75% investment management does not cover the Swiss stamp tax duty, which is calculated at 0.075% or 0.15% of the transaction value. Additionally, market costs associated with the trading of securities are not included; these are due to the bid-ask spread and currency exchanges (FX mark-up). Product costs, known as the Total Expense Ratio (TER), are also separate. These fees are deducted by ETFs or fund companies Alpian works with and vary based on the securities selected in our mandates. Detailed information about the TER can be found in our app.

Still have questions? Let's talk

Unlock your financial potential with a free consultation from our expert wealth advisors. Tailored advice, unique strategies, and a partner in navigating your financial future.

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