Investment philosophy

We believe it is equally important to stick to time tested investment principles as it is to acknowledge the unique beliefs and desires that every human brings to the investment process.

Our convictions

Our convictions

A well-designed portfolio is both a rational and an emotional fit

Every investor perceives gains and losses differently. For this reason, portfolios need to match your worldview as much as they need to fulfil their fundamental role of balancing risk and return.

A well-designed portfolio is built for the long term

Time is your ally. Not only do diversified investments tend to grow in value in the long term, but long-term time horizons help you focus on the big picture and ignore short-term market fluctuations.

Asset allocation is so important that it must be personal

It’s a well-held belief that asset allocation is the most critical component of any investor’s strategy. With that said, we believe investors must be offered a far wider range of asset classes, to improve their chances of building a portfolio that harmonises with their unique needs and circumstances.

Diversification is necessary… but in the right amount

We understand the fine line between a well-diversified portfolio that effectively mitigates risk and an over-diversified portfolio that negatively impacts returns.

Timing oneself is better than timing the markets

Timing the market can bear outsized returns… when well executed. But, more often than not, attempting to time the market has detrimental effects on investment performance. Our belief is that such techniques are driven more by mixed feelings than sound logic and that we can offer our clients smarter routes to long-term wealth.

Your preferences should inform the portfolio. Not the other way around

Investments offer far more than the opportunity to improve one’s financial situation. They give an investor the chance to shape the world around them. For that reason, an investor’s values and preferences should be considered, no matter the degree to which they will impact investment performance.

Our commitments

Our commitments

Expressive Investing

Each of us has its own vision of wealth beyond money. Our job is using investment to turn that into reality.

Investors differ in the extent to which they’d like to make an impact on the world. It’s our role to understand exactly what that vision looks like, and make sure it’s reflected in the investment strategy we facilitate.

Knowledge sharing

We aim to close the gap in investment knowledge

We believe it’s these constructive conversations from a place of mutual understanding that foster better decisions and better outcomes.

Raising awareness

We realize the importance of emotion

Making decisions during moments of fear or excitement is never beneficial, yet unavoidable. So, we promote a range of emotion-management techniques alongside the necessity of a strong investment strategy to provide guidance during more turbulent times.

Providing transparency

Transparency is the foundation of a trustful relationship

We prioritize transparency - from clear explanation on the thinking behind our recommendations to providing profound performance dashboards.

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