Frequently asked questions

What is Alpian ?

Alpian is a new digital financial services company whose focus is to offer exceptional service at a fair and transparent price. The offering has been tailored for the Swiss Affluent population, Swiss residents with between 100k and 1m CHF in investable assets.

Is Alpian a bank ?
Alpian is not yet a bank, but has applied to obtain a full banking license from FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.
When and where will Alpian be available ?
Alpian plans to launch in Switzerland in 2021.
Who can be a client of Alpian?
Alpian will be available to tax residents of Switzerland.
What features will Alpian be offering ?
Alpian’s offering consists of three main pillars: Investment, Financial Guidance, and a Current Account. These pillars enable Alpian to act as a guide for our clients as they acumulate, spend and manage their wealth.
Is there a minimum to open an account ?
There is no minimum amount to open an account at Alpian. With that said, the Alpian experience is tailored for the Swiss Affluent and a minimum deposit is needed to access Alpian’s investment offering. This minimum is meant to ensure that the clients’ portfolios can be sufficiently diversified.
How will clients interact with Alpian and its services?
Alpian will deliver all of its services through a state of the art mobile application. This mobile application will be available on iOS and Android powered smartphones.
Is Alpian developing its own technology ?
Yes, Alpian develops its own proprietary technology leveraging the latest frameworks and methodologies on the market.

Alpian was an initiative incubated by REYL & Cie. Since October, 2019 Alpian has operated as an independent company, with its own governance structure and premise. Nevertheless, Alpian maintains a strong partnership with REYL & Cie, and REYL continues to be a significant shareholder of Alpian.