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Alpian is a fully regulated and licensed bank under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Alpian complies with Swiss banking regulations, which are among the strictest in the world. Alpian unifies everyday banking with accessible investment and private banking services in a hassle-free mobile app so that your financial life fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The combination of human expertise and system intelligence is how we fulfill our promise - to always be at your side on your journey to wealth beyond money.
To open an account with Alpian, simply download our app and follow the onboarding process. You'll need to provide some personal information and complete a quick verification process to get started.
It’s as easy as opening your Alpian account and selecting the Managed by Alpian investment mandate. Our team of experts are happy to learn about you and your lifestyle so they can build you a customised portfolio designed for long-term resilience and performance.
Alpian combines digital tools with experienced wealth managers to provide a modern and efficient wealth management experience. We offer customizable investment strategies, transparent pricing, and a focus on client satisfaction, which is a departure from traditional private banking practices.
Alpian's wealth management services are available for portfolios starting at CHF 30,000. However the day to day banking services can be used without a minimum deposit.
Ideal if you understand the importance of investing, you are able to delegate the management of your wealth to our financial professionals.
The management of your money is at the discretion of Alpian’s wealth managers.
Alpian, as a bank supervised by FINMA, offers the suite of protections and safeguards inherent to Swiss banks. The protection of your wealth and personal information is our utmost priority.
Your portfolio will be managed by our team of Swiss investment experts. We don't employ robot investors. You can meet our team here.
Download the Alpian iOS or Android application to get started. After the download is finished, complete the onboarding process of approximately 7 minutes.
Only Swiss residents are eligible to open an account with Alpian through their iOS or Android application. A valid passport or Swiss national ID are required to open your account. Original ID documents are required (ie: no photocopies).
To finalize the activation of your account, an initial deposit will need to be made from a bank account in your name
Yes, with our metal-debit card, you can enjoy four currency accounts at no additional cost, making it easy to manage your finances while traveling.
Plus, our competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees ensure you have more money in your pocket.
Yes, the pre-paid version of Twint can be funded through your Alpian account. Please follow the steps below to get started:
  • Download the prepaid TWINT & other banks application
  • Complete the Twint account opening process
  • Once the TWINT account is open and verified, select the Payment option within the TWINT mobile application
  • An email will be received from TWINT which includes a QR code with which to make the payment to fund the account
  • Login to your Alpian account, navigate to the Cash page, and select Payments
  • Select the QR payment option and scan the QR code sent by TWINT
  • Once the payment is complete, the TWINT account will be funded and available for use
Alpian offers a competitive currency conversion margin of 0.2%. This rate is one of the most favorable in all of Switzerland, ensuring that you receive the best value when managing your international transactions.
You can chat with them at any time or book a video call via the app that best suits your schedule.
Yes! On, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of investment articles, videos, and podcasts, along with a two-season email series designed specifically for beginner investors.
lost card
Lost your card?

If you are unable to freeze your card or reach our support through the app, contact us via our lost and stolen card form.

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