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Superior everyday banking

Open your digital bank account in under 10 minutes and unlock all you need for daily banking, engineered to amplify your wealth.

One account, multiple currencies

Get a multi-currency account in CHF, EUR, USD & GBP under one IBAN. The perfect solution to conveniently handle, transfer, pay, save, and receive money in the currency of your choice.

Exchange money and save in every transaction

Unbeatable low exchange rate between Euros, Swiss francs, US dollars, and British pounds.
0.2% mark-up on weekdays and 0.5% on weekends for all supported currencies on the app.
Zero commissions on card payments abroad and on all transactions between the main 4 currencies.
Absolute transparency in all costs and spreads.

Please note that currency exchange rates on our website are updated periodically and may not reflect real-time values. For up-to-the-minute rates, refer to our mobile app, where updates occur in real-time. The information provided is for reference only and not intended for trading decisions. Exchange rates may vary, and we cannot guarantee their accuracy at any given time due to potential delays and market changes. By accessing our services, you acknowledge the possibility of discrepancies between displayed and actual transaction rates. We advise users to verify current rates independently before any currency exchange activities. This notice is in accordance with Swiss regulations to ensure user awareness and transparency.

Industry-leading interest rates

Up to 1.25% interest rates

Earn 1% interest on deposits up to CHF 100,000. Balances between CHF 100,001 and CHF 1,000,000 benefit from a higher 1.25% rate. Contact us for over CHF 1,000,001 – you will benefit from a customised rate. 

Grow your capital on auto-pilot

Get your annual interest rate paid monthly on a pro-rata basis, and watch it grow steadily thanks to the compounding effect.

Freedom, at all times

Unlike classic savings accounts, your money is yours to withdraw anytime, free of charges and restrictions.

Bank with a peace of mind

As a FINMA-licensed Swiss bank, your CHF deposits are safe at the Swiss National Bank and insured up to CHF 100,000.

The Alpian card, not made of plastic

Experience the blend of style and functionality with the Alpian Visa metal debit card, perfect for shopping online and in-store across 200 countries.

  • Smart in-app features

  • Multi-currency capabilities

  • Secure 3DS verification

  • Apple Pay

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to open a bank account?

You only need to download the Alpian app and complete a sign up process of less than 10 minutes. During this process, you'll need a valid and original passport or Swiss national ID. A work permit is not allowed. After the account is open, make a first deposit of any amount to activate it.

How can we offer such low exchange rates?

High fees for paying and withdrawing money abroad can be frustrating. Alpian puts an end to exorbitant commissions and unfavourable rates by offering foreign exchange capabilities at one of the lowest fees in the Swiss market: 0.20%. This fee isn't about making a profit; it simply covers the exchange process. At Alpian, we're committed to transparency in pricing – we only charge you when a service demands our expert touch.

How can I set up Apple Pay?

Learn how to add your Alpian card to Apple Pay by following the instructions here.

Can I use Twint with an Alpian account?

Yes, you can currently fund the pre-paid version of TWINT through your Alpian account. We are working on releasing our own TWINT solution in the future.

You can begin right now

Download Alpian, open your account in under 10 minutes, and enjoy a free 6-month trial.