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You don't need to be an expert to invest like one

Experience the advantages of investing with the experts with our discretionary and advisory mandates. Unique portfolios, access to video consultations with wealth advisors, a free bank account, and much more.

Start investing in just 3 simple steps

Decide who manages your portfolio

Start your investment journey by selecting the ideal mandate for you. Choose "Managed by Alpian" to entrust your portfolio to our experts, or "Guided by Alpian" to make your own decisions with our professional guidance.

Discover your investor profile

Our questionnaire helps you find out your unique investor profile, reflecting your individual circumstances, goals, preferences, and long-term risk tolerance. 

Get your investment strategy

Our investment team, supported by cutting-edge technology, curates a selection of ETFs, spanning from equities to digital assets. This is your long-term plan designed to unlock the growth of your wealth.

Our investment mandates

Our renowned discretionary investment mandate: An auto-pilot solution for those who prefer to delegate their strategy, portfolio management, and execution entirely to our expert team.

  • Save time and costs of regular discretionary mandates.

  • Receive a fully personalised strategy tailored just for you.

  • Benefit from expert insight for tactical portfolio optimisation.

  • Receive regular updates and reports.

  • Enjoy agile portfolio rebalancing to stay aligned with market dynamics.

  • Get a free full-fledged Alpian bank account.

Digital and human expertise, unified

Unlike other digital-first services, Alpian places human expertise at the center. Our dedicated team of investment specialists and wealth advisors will guide you financially, answer your questions, and keep you updated on your investments.

Understand what is happening, at all times

Transparent and fair pricing

Pay a straightforward management fee. No hidden costs, we promise.

Real time updates

Monitor your portfolio's performance, level of exposure, and more, all in real time.

Clear communication

Receive regular updates on the economy, your investments, and unlimited access to talk with our wealth advisors.

No product-pushing agenda

Get recommendations based on your best interest. Our team doesn't work on commissions, and we don't sell our own products.

FINMA regulation

We strictly adhere to regulatory standards that prioritise transparency and safeguard your interests.

Monthly market analysis

Each month, our Chief Investment Officer provides insightful analysis of recent economic developments and their potential impact on your investments.

Simulate your growth

Management fees can significantly impact your portfolio's performance. Use our interactive tool to see how Alpian's pricing makes the difference.

Open your account now

Download the Alpian app and get a free bank account if you start investing.

Frequently asked questions

How can I invest with Alpian?

It’s as easy as opening your Alpian account and selecting the Managed by Alpian or Guided by Alpian investment mandate. Our team of experts is happy to learn about you and your lifestyle so they can build you a customised portfolio designed for long-term resilience and performance.

What are the minimum investment requirements for Alpian's wealth management services?

Alpian's wealth management services are available for portfolios starting at CHF 10,000. The day-to-day banking services can be used without a minimum deposit.

How does Alpian's wealth management approach differ from traditional private banking?

Alpian combines digital tools with experienced wealth managers to provide a modern and efficient wealth management experience. We offer customisable investment strategies, transparent pricing, and a focus on client satisfaction, which is a departure from traditional private banking practices.

What does your 0.75% investment management fee include?

The 0.75% fee covers custody, transaction costs, deposits/withdrawals, mandate closure, and advisor consultations, with no hidden charges.

What does your 0.75% investment management fee not include?

The 0.75% investment management does not cover the Swiss stamp tax duty, which is calculated at 0.075% or 0.15% of the transaction value. Additionally, market costs associated with the trading of securities are not included; these are due to the bid-ask spread and currency exchanges (FX mark-up). Product costs, known as the Total Expense Ratio (TER), are also separate. These fees are deducted by ETFs or fund companies Alpian works with and vary based on the securities selected in our mandates. Detailed information about the TER can be found in our app.