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About Alpian

Alpian was conceived from the recognition that the Swiss banking landscape faced a problem. Private banks, offering premium products, catered exclusively to the wealthiest individuals. This left a vast majority either excluded or provided with standard retail banking services, robo-advisors, or trading platforms, all indifferent to their clients' financial success.

In response, Alpian was born – a comprehensive digital bank that offers high-caliber features, typically found exclusively in private banks, at accessible prices for everyone.

At Alpian, we offer personalised wealth management that aligns with the interests of our clients. This sets up apart from traditional banks that remain indifferent to their clients' financial gains or losses.

In one app, Alpian combines an everyday bank account with investment services, striking the right balance between a fully digital environment and personalised human expertise. All our clients have access to meetings with wealth advisors whenever they want, laying the foundation for a sustainable and trusting relationship.
Yet, Alpian is much more than that. Our mission is to accompany our clients in their financial growth. We aim to empower them to achieve a form of wealth that's not limited to monetary value. We refer to this as 'wealth beyond money,' and it serves as our ultimate aspiration.


Today, Alpian continues to disrupt the Swiss banking landscape with innovative banking and investing services.


Alpian consolidates its position and recognition within the Swiss population, rapidly growing its client base.


October – Alpian launches to the public, making private banking accessible to mass affluent people for the first time in history.


April – Alpian secures a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Board of directors

Pasha Bakhtiar​

Chairman of the Board, CEO & Partner at REYL Intesa San Paolo

Yves Claude Aubert

Vice - Chairman of the Board, Corporate Advisor

Luca Bortolan

Member of the Board, Executive Director at Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking

Luca Bozzo​

Member of the Board, Lawyer and Partner at Borel & Barbey

Lamine Brahimi

Member of the board, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Taurus Group SA

Alessandro Rocco

Member of the Board & Corporate Advisor

Steve Salom

Member of the Board, Corporate Advisor & former Uber Executive

Leadership and founding team

Gianmarco Bonaita

Chief Executive Officer, Founding Team Member & Executive Committee Member

Marion Fogli

Deputy CEO & Founding Team Member

Alessandro Sbrizzi

Head of Strategic Projects & Founding Team Member

Roman Balzan

Chief Marketing Officer

Victor Cianni

Chief Investment Officer

Laura Gasser

VP of People & Culture

Stéphane Hartmann

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Committee Member

David Nemeshazy

Chief Technology Officer

Nathalie Zaharna

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer & Executive Committee Member