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Managed by Alpian investment mandate

The simplest way to invest in your future, without lifting a finger.

The ideal choice for busy people: Achieve better results by delegating your investments to Alpian's professionals.

How it works

Managed by Alpian is an investing solution designed for those who wish to delegate their investments to professionals. Once a personalised investment strategy is set, our team handles all aspects, from product selection to portfolio management. You remain involved through real-time performance updates and overviews.

Why opt for Managed by Alpian?

Personalised for your needs

Each of our portfolios is tailor-made and continually optimised to reflect your evolving financial goals and economic context.

Secure your future

We work on strategies centered on diversified, long-term economic growth, steering clear of the pitfalls of short-term, high-risk fluctuations.

Investment made easy

We manage the complexities of investing for you while ensuring you have informed oversight and remain engaged with the process.

Your interest first

We commit to your best interests and give unbiased financial advice by not selling our own investment products.

Proven track record

Our performance since inception has been above average. Explore this page for a detailed overview.

More growth, less risk

Our portfolios drive growth and reduce risk by strategically diversifying with ETFs and Mutual Funds. We spread investments across various asset classes for resilience and optimised returns, global regions to tap into international market growth, and diverse sectors to leverage industry strengths.


Minimum investmentCHF 30,000
Annual fee0.75% of the invested amount
Wealth management consultationsFree of charge
Bank accountFree of charge
FX Markup0.20%
Total Expense Ratio (TER)About 0.25%

Interested in Managed by Alpian?

Our Wealth Management Team is ready to provide detailed insights and guidance to determine if this service suits your financial needs.

Frequently asked questions

How do I open an investment account with Alpian?

First, download the Alpian App and create your account. After setting up your account, choose one of our mandates and complete your 15-minute investor profile questionnaire. This crucial step ensures that the investment advice we offer is tailored specifically to you. The next step is to fund your account, which will activate your investment portfolio, and our team will begin the process of managing your investments according to the strategy you've chosen.

What asset classes are available to build my portfolio?

Equities: Planet Thematics, People Thematics, and equities from the regions Switzerland, the US, Europe, Asia ex-Japan, Japan, and Emerging Markets. Fixed Income: Includes Global Government Bonds (all maturities and inflation-linked), Corporate Investment-Grade Bonds, High Yield, Money Markets, Development Bank Thematics, and Green Bonds Thematics. Alternatives: Commodities, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrencies

Can I choose specific investments or sectors to exclude from my portfolio?

Absolutely, your preferences and values play a crucial role in shaping your investment portfolio at Alpian. We believe in empowering you to align your investments with your personal convictions and financial goals. Here's how you can tailor your portfolio to exclude specific investments or sectors:

During the initial setup of your investment account, you'll have the opportunity to specify any sectors or types of investments you wish to exclude from your portfolio. This could include, but is not limited to, sectors such as fossil fuels, tobacco, or arms manufacturing, depending on your personal values.

Your investment preferences are not set in stone. As your values or financial goals evolve, you can adjust your exclusions or investment criteria by communicating with your Wealth Advisor. We're here to adapt your portfolio to your changing needs.

How often will I receive updates about my portfolio's performance?

At Alpian, we recognise the importance of keeping you informed about your investment's performance. Here’s how we ensure you are always up-to-date:

Continuous updates: Via the Alpian app, your portfolio's performance is updated nearly every hour. This feature enables you to monitor your investments' progress anytime, providing flexibility to check in as often as you like.

Monthly journal: Each month, you will receive a report summarising your portfolio’s performance, including any changes made and the reasons behind these adjustments. This journal helps you stay informed about the strategic decisions impacting your investments.

How does Alpian handle kickbacks and retrocessions?

At Alpian, we prioritise integrity and transparency. We adhere strictly to a policy of not accepting any compensation from third parties that could influence our service to our clients. In exceptional cases where such compensation is unavoidable, we pass the full amount directly to you.

Our collaboration with external advisors, including entities within the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, is conducted with the utmost respect for these principles. We remain exclusively responsible for all investment decisions made as part of our discretionary portfolio management services, as well as for all our investment recommendations. This ensures that our advice is always objective, transparent, and tailored to your unique financial goals and needs.