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Alpian and SmartPurse invite you to a financial webinar series this autumn.

Alpian and SmartPurse invite you to a financial webinar series this autumn.

Curious about mastering your finances? Want to transform financial uncertainty into a superpower? Well, your moment is here.

Rejoignez-nous le samedi 22 juillet à notre Alpian Lounge à la Chaux et laissez-vous emporter dans l'univers enchanteur de la musique tout en profitant d’une vue à couper le souffle sur les Alpes. Boissons et amuse-bouches seront à votre disposition pour rendre ce moment exceptionnel.





German or English


30.08.2023 - 19:00 | Désiree Dosch: Your pension statement - Your superpower

Désirée Dosch

Désirée is more than just an advisor – she’s a guiding compass in the world of finance.

As the owner and managing partner of Alvicus AG, she brings segment strategies, marketing expertise, and a profound passion for financially empowering women.

With over a decade of experience and an MBA under her belt, she's poised to share valuable knowledge and in-depth insights.

In this webinar, you'll crack

  1. Pension statement secrets: We cut through the fog and unveil the power of your pension statement.

  2. Active financial planning: Harness your pension statement for a secure financial future.

  3. Knowledge = Power: Draw on our expertise and handy tools to get the most out of your occupational pension.

Language: German

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27.09.2023 - 19:00 | Tanja Kunz: Your money mindset - Your financial power

Tanja Kunz

Our expert, Tanja Kunz, has made it her mission to coach women towards financial independence.

Drawing from her rich experience as a bank clerk, female empowerment coach, and certified psychological mental coach, she demonstrates how the right money mindset can lead you to make financial decisions with confidence and self-awareness.

Tanja's passion: Helping women recognise their financial strength.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Your financial barriers: Discover the most common challenges women face in the financial world and learn how to overcome them.

  2. The secret of money mindset: Understand how your mindset influences your financial decisions and your success.

  3. Your personal financial strategy: Utilise the tools and insights you gain to set up your individual financial plan and get closer to your financial goals.

Language: German

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03.10.2023 - 19:00 | Ondine Riesen: Stronger with community

Ondine Riesen

Ondine, the co-founder of Ting and a passionate advocate for societal change, will serve as the mentor for this webinar.

She has studied politics, history, and human rights and brings her experience from working at an independent magazine.

With Ting, she has built a community that, through monthly contributions, creates a collective wealth, thus providing a time-limited income for all members.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. The puzzle of community-based financing: Discover how collective wealth-building works and why it represents a revolutionary method for financial support and security.

  2. Your personal financial plan: Learn how to create effective and sustainable financial plans based on collaboration and community.

  3. The power of networks: Discover how strong networks can achieve more than you ever imagined and how you can leverage them to boost your own finances.

Language: German

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10.10.2023 - 19:00 | Patrycja Pielaszek: Money and women - A duo of independence

Patrycja Pielaszek

Patrycja Pielaszek is a visionary leader in innovation, an entrepreneur, and the founder of WeCoCo - a community developed by women, for everyone, because the future is diverse and equal.

She specialises in identifying and leveraging growth opportunities. Her expertise in digital transformation helps businesses of all sizes harness the innovations of the 21st century to their advantage.

Through her work with WeCoCo, she promotes connection, collaboration, and future-shaping to create a fairer society. With her creative approaches and willingness to experiment with digital tools, Patrycja crafts strategies that are both unconventional and highly effective.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Key strategies for financial independence: Discover the essential techniques to manage your money effectively and achieve financial freedom.

  2. Digital transformation for your finances: Learn how you can use modern technologies to enhance and simplify your financial management.

  3. Advanced financial planning: Explore Patrycja's unique, forward-thinking approaches to financial planning and how you can implement them in your own life.

Language: German

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24.10.2023 - 18:00 | Simone Hoffmann: Pocket money - Kids and finances

Simone Hoffmann

She's the driving force behind "simosackgeld," a blog dedicated to teaching children and their parents smart money habits.

Simone is passionate about introducing her son and other kids to proper money management early on, and in a way that's fun and encourages a positive attitude towards finances. Reflecting on her own financial journey, she realised that money management is about so much more than just budgeting. It's about maintaining a proper account structure, saving for various goals, cultivating a positive mindset about money, and enjoying the process of handling financial matters.

With "simosackgeld", she has crafted a concept that provides this comprehensive "360-degree view" of money management.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Good money management from the start: Learn how to guide your child in developing responsible financial habits and becoming a financial role model yourself.

  2. Establishing a positive money mindset: Discover the components of a healthy financial mindset and how you can integrate them into your daily interactions with your child.

  3. A 360-degree view of money management: Find out how, with "simosackgeld", you can offer your child a comprehensive perspective on managing finances, preparing them for a financially secure and independent future.

Language: German

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07.11.2023 - 19:00 | Mario von Bergen: Diversification - Beyond stocks and bonds

Mario von Bergen

Mario von Bergen is an expert in alternative investments with over a decade of experience in the asset and wealth management industry.

During his tenure as an auditor at PwC, he gained invaluable insights into diversifying investment portfolios, particularly through alternative investments.

Today, Mario is a co-founder of Splint Invest, a platform that assists investors in diversifying their portfolios and venturing into creative assets like wine bottles or artworks.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Introduction to alternative investments: Understand the basics of alternative investments and discover how they differ from traditional investment forms like stocks and bonds.

  2. Diversification through alternative investments: Learn how you can diversify your portfolio using alternative investments and consequently minimise your risk.

  3. Practical application: Get tangible examples and tips on integrating alternative investments into your own portfolio.

Language: German

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14.11.2023 - 19:00 | Kathrin Zemp: Crypto and security - Polar opposites?

Kathrin Zemp

Not only is Kathrin a lecturer for digital marketing at prestigious institutions like HSLU Luzern and the University of Zurich, but she is also a passionate expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Through her work at the House of Satoshi in Zurich, and as a certified Google Ads specialist and Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional, she seamlessly merges her digital marketing expertise with the intriguing and often puzzling realm of cryptocurrencies.

Her mission: to guide you safely through the crypto jungle.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Basics of cryptocurrencies: Understand the true essence of Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology.

  2. Crypto security strategies: Learn how to effectively safeguard yourself from scams and protect your digital assets.

  3. Navigating the crypto world: Grasp how to find your way and move securely within the intricate and frequently perplexing universe of cryptocurrencies.

Language: German

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23.11.2023 - 19:00 | Francesca Barbera-Eckert: Women and investments - A dream couple

Francesca Barbera-Eckert

Francesca Barbera-Eckert is a distinguished financial and investment expert with a profound academic background from Germany and Spain.

With over a decade of experience in leading global financial firms like PwC and Schroders, she has gained extensive knowledge in alternative investments and real estate.

Her passion: Introducing women to the world of investments and easing any apprehensions they might have. Beyond the world of finance, Francesca has also trained as a yoga instructor. Today, she heads FemmeInvest and serves as a lecturer in the 'Master of Science Real Estate' program.

In this webinar, you'll crack:

  1. Retirement understanding: Learn why financial planning is crucial and how you can tailor it to fit your needs.

  2. Investment basics: Grasp the fundamentals of wealth building, saving you precious time in the process.

  3. Invest with confidence: Discover the investment opportunities available to you and how you can invest with self-assurance.

Language: German

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