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Alpian sets new benchmark for interest rates on client deposits.

Alpian sets new benchmark for interest rates on client deposits.

26 giugno 2023
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Alpian, Switzerland's first digital private bank, is passing on the increase in the SNB's key interest rate to its clients - in doubled form. For deposits up to 100,000 francs, Alpian will increase its interest rate to 1%, and for deposits between 100,001 and 250,000 francs, to 1.5%.

Geneva, 26 June 2023 – After the decision of the Swiss National Bank to increase the policy rate to + 1.75%, the Swiss bank Alpian has followed suite by increasing the top interest rate paid on Swiss franc deposits to + 1.50%. From 1 July 2023 onwards, there will be 1.0% interest rate on deposits up to 100,000 francs and 1.5% on deposits between 100,001 and 250,000 francs.

Only a month ago, Alpian already doubled its maximum interest rate to + 1.0% for deposits in Swiss francs, setting the benchmark in the banking environment. With the announced increase, Alpian confirms its leadership in providing outstanding opportunities for its clients to grow their wealth.

Schuyler Weiss, CEO of Alpian said: "We strive to provide our clients with the very best in client service, experience, and opportunity. In addition to offering leading interest rates on CHF deposits, we were also able to deliver exceptional returns within our professional investment services: + 7.46% aggregated return, net of fees, across all client portfolios since inception*. Alpian is clearly delivering on its objective to assist its clients with the generation of wealth, and this recent increase of the interest rate only furthers the bank’s commitment. In line with our ambition, we offer our clients exceptional conditions not only to preserve but also to increase their wealth in an inflationary environment."

*Disclaimer: Data from 26/09/2022 - 22/06/23. Any performance figures displayed account for the aggregate performance, net of fees, of all clients at Alpian. Individual investment returns may differ due to a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the date of investment and strategy employed. Past performance is not a guarantee of future return.

The content of this press release is for informational purposes only.

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