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Alpian and Performance Watcher: The partnership for maximum portfolio transparency

Alpian and Performance Watcher: The partnership for maximum portfolio transparency

24 May 2024
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Geneva, Switzerland – May 24, 2024 – Alpian has entered into a partnership with the Swiss platform Performance Watcher to enhance the review and documentation of its portfolio performance. As part of this collaboration, Alpian will provide risk-adjusted performance data to Performance Watcher while maintaining client anonymity. In return, Alpian will receive various evaluation and comparison tools, enabling it to offer clients a more transparent reference system for assessing their portfolio management performance.

The Swiss digital bank Alpian was founded two years ago by the Reyl Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Catering to the needs of a premium clientele, Alpian uniquely integrates daily banking activities with the management of savings and investment options in a single application. Performance Watcher is a network platform that allows professional investors, such as private banks and independent asset managers, to monitor portfolio performance with similar risk profiles while preserving anonymity.

Real-time data utilisation from Performance Watcher

This partnership allows Alpian to better evaluate the quality of its portfolio management using real-time aggregated data from Performance Watcher. Additional analytical tools will deepen the review process of portfolio management. By teaming up with Performance Watcher, one of Switzerland's leading portfolio management ecosystems, Alpian aims to provide clients with enhanced visualisation and a deeper understanding of their portfolio developments.

“The cooperation with Performance Watcher aims to ensure full transparency with our clients and further strengthen our long-term relationships with them,” explains Victor Cianni, Chief Investment Officer of Alpian. “At the same time, we want efficient solutions to accurately measure our portfolio management performance by systematically comparing it with the performance of other professionals under similar conditions. This cooperation allows us to provide our clients with crucial information, strengthening the trust between our clients and Alpian and enabling us to create new, interactive usage possibilities. This way, we reshape and innovate how they can utilise our financial services.”

Eric Bissonnier, CEO of Performance Watcher, adds: “Alpian is very advanced in developing digital solutions for its clients. We are therefore very pleased that Alpian wants to contribute to the quality of the online community that Performance Watcher has built over time. Together, we will set new standards for wealth management and promote the adoption of new practices.”

The partnership between Alpian and Performance Watcher is expected to expand over time. In the near future, Alpian intends to use solutions developed by Performance Watcher to provide clients with more comprehensive reporting tools.

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