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Say goodbye to high-costs currency exchange

Save substantially on every international transaction with Switzerland's best exchange rates

International transactions don't need to be costly

Unbeatable currency exchange rates

0.2% on weekdays and 0.5% on weekends for transactions in Swiss francs, Euros, British pounds, and US dollars. Thanks to our competitive fees, our customers save an average of CHF 14.90*. Learn more.

One bank account, 4 currencies

Manage all your currencies in one place. Make payments and other transactions in CHF, EUR, GBP, and USD absolutely free of charge with your own multi-currency account.

Free for 6 months

Test it for yourself at no cost for 6 months. Afterwards, the quarterly account management fee can be eliminated by hitting a balance of CHF 50,000. Learn more.

Account opening in just a few minutes

Download our free app and get your account in less than 10 minutes. No paperwork or in-person meetings.

How can our exchange rates be so low?

High fees for international transfers and payments can be frustrating. Alpian puts an end to those exorbitant commissions and unfavorable rates by offering foreign exchange capabilities with one of the lowest rates in the Swiss market: 0.20% on weekdays. This markup isn't about us making a profit; it's simply covering the exchange process.

At Alpian, we're committed to transparency in pricing – we only charge you if a service demands our expert touch.

The 7 best foreign exchange providers in Switzerland

Top providersAmount received in EUR for converting CHF 10,000Difference in EUR
Alpian 10,3520

Source: Alpian's "Comparative analysis on exchange rates". Data from November 2023.

Your bank account in less than 10 minutes

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Download the Alpian App.

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Verify your identity directly on your smartphone with a valid ID card or a passport.

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Activate your new account with an initial deposit of any amount.

Secured by FINMA Deposit Insurance

Alpian is a licensed Swiss bank that provides the highest security standards, transparent fees, and a dedicated advisory team. With deposit insurance of up to CHF 100,000, Alpian represents safety and trust in the digital banking world.

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