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Virtual cards

In addition to your physical debit card, you can now create up to 5 digital cards in your app for safer, more practical payments.

Say hello to virtual cards: They live on your phone, adding extra protection to your transactions.

Never lose your card again

A virtual debit card exists only digitally on your Alpian app. Use it for payments online and in stores, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Why create your virtual cards

A new card in seconds

Create new cards for different purposes instantly. No waiting, no hassle.

Ultimate convenience

Add your virtual cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay to pay with your smartphone or smartwatch.

Secure for travellers

Virtual cards can’t be stolen. If compromised, just terminate the card and create a new one.

Protects against online fraud

Create and block cards as needed to safeguard against untrusted vendors and unwanted charges.

Hold 5 cards at once

With Alpian, you can create and use up to 5 virtual cards simultaneously. Label and tailor them for different needs, ensuring maximum control and security over your payments.


Pay online and in stores

Each card has a unique number, different from your physical card, a 3-digit CVV code, and an expiry date. Use them for online purchases, subscriptions, and add them to your digital wallet.


Open your account now

Download Alpian, open your account in under 10 minutes, and start benefiting from virtual cards.