At Alpian, we believe that each individual is key to success. Let us introduce you to our expert Board Members, and to our talented team of forward-thinking innovators

Advisory Board

Pasha Bakhtiar​

Partner at REYL & Cie

Yves Claude Aubert

Tech Entrepreneur

Lamine Brahimi

Co-founder at Taurus Group SA

Luca Bozzo

Partner at Borel & Barbey

Alessandro Rocco

Corporate advisor


Schuyler Weiss​

Chief Executive Officer​

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Schuyler has more than a decade of experience in leading digital banking transformation, as the Chief Digital Officer at REYL, as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, and as a Senior Consultant at IBM. He holds an MBA from IMD and a BA in Economics- Mathematics from Colby College.

Schuyler is a Tesla fan.

Marion Owczarczak-Fogli

Managing Director

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Marion is an experienced professional in leading digital transformation projects for the wealth management industry. She holds a BSc in Business Management from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and an Executive MBA from IMD.


She loves skiing, cross-country skiing and swimming.

Antonio Latela

Chief Technology Officer

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Antonio is an Enterprise Architect and Senior Software Engineer with more than 20 of years of experience in complex IT transformation projects for some of the largest European banks and communication companies. He holds a MSc in Computer Science, Advanced Computing Techniques and Machine Learning fields.

Aamir Ahmad

Head of BD & Partnerships

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Aamir has significant experience in developing and managing strategic partnerships at Mastercard, advising fintech start-ups and leading digital transformation projects at Cargill. He holds an MBA from IMD and a Bachelors in Economics and Management from McGill University.

Aamir loves travelling, he has lived in 9 countries for a significant amount of time and visited 40+ countries.

Alessandro Sbrizzi

Head of Product Development

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Alessandro has worked extensively on advising companies on technology development projects and digital transformation initiatives, both at Boston Consulting Group and Alkemy. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma from IIMA and a MSc in International Management from Bocconi University.

Alessandro is a football fan.

Gianmarco Bonaita

Head of Strategic Projects

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Gianmarco has advised companies, including financial institutions in both banking and insurance, on defining new business models, creating business plans, launching new services while working at Boston Consulting Group. He holds an MBA from IMD and an MSc in International Management from Bocconi University.

Gianmarco is passionate about skiing and cooking.

Daniel Rickli

Chief Compliance Officer

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Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Economics as well as a certificate in Compliance Management and has 14 years’ professional experience in the banking industry. He gained his professional experience and knowledge while working for Barclays Bank, notably during 8 years within the Compliance Advisory function.

Daniel is a regular paraglider.

Caroline Dujardin

Caroline Dujardin

Senior Compliance Officer

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Caroline holds a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M.) from the University of Wales. Caroline has gained extensive knowledge of Swiss banking regulations and international trade finance through her past compliance roles at ING, CA Indosuez, Société Générale Private Banking and Hinduja Bank.
Caroline loves gastronomy, cinema and all nature-related activities.

Mathieu Clément

Chief Operating Officer

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With an engineering background, Mathieu started his career in asset management in Paris in 2007 as a specialised Consultant. He developed platforms for major French banks such as Amundi, Natixis, BNP and others before moving to Luxembourg in 2012 where he joined Öhman’s Private Bank as a Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Manager. He was appointed Head of Portfolio Management in 2019.

Mathieu has a passion for cars, books, philosophy and cycling.

Amandine Soudeille

Amandine Soudeille

Business Analyst

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Amandine began her career as a Finance Trainee at Porsche France in 2015 before working in market finance as a FX Sales Assistant for Société Générale CIB in Geneva and then as a Fixed Income Sales/Trader for Valcourt, a securities broker in Geneva.

She holds a Master in Management (PGE) of Toulouse Business School, as well as a MSc in Finance of EBS Universität in Germany.

Amandine has a passion for Porsche and loves playing golf.

Miren Rubio-Zuluaga

Business Analyst

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Miren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and has recently finished “Future Leaders – ThePowerMBA”, an online MBA-like Master’s program for young people with an interest in business. She started her career at Ernst & Young in Spain as a junior consultant in Financial Risk Advisory. Miren likes ice skating, gastronomy and travelling.

Wenceslao Perez

Banking Operations Specialist

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Wenceslao holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Geneva College of Business as well as several management certifications. He has a vast experience in the international banking and financial industry, as well as global and cross-functional expertise in operations, risk management, credits, compliance and fund administration.

Wenceslao is fond of golf.

Antonio Mancini

Antonio Mancini

Lead Product Designer

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Antonio holds a Diploma in Computer Science & Electronic engineering. He gained his vast experience in product design while working for various companies in different countries. In his last job, at ERNI Geneva, he was in charge, among other things of Leading UX & UI projects, providing guidance and support to the team and clients in digital transformation.


Antonio has a passion for music and snowboarding.

Gerd Afforti

Product Designer

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Gerd is a digital designer who has spent the last 6 years creating products and experiences for a wide range of platforms such as news, banking, art, fashion and more. He previously worked at Gsm Project and Monolith in Montreal, Canada and holds a Master’s Degree in Interface Design and Digital Communication.

Aside from Visual Design, Gerd dabbles in snowboarding, hiking and everything mountain related.