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A Private Bank In Your Pocket

What was out of reach is now possible with Digital Private Banking

Investment is many things - a pathway to freedom, financial peace of mind, and wealth beyond money. But it isn’t simple. That’s why we’ve built Alpian to give you the world-class investment guidance for which private banks are famous.

Imagine a banking and investing experience like this…

Our experts learn all about what makes you tick, using your personality and desires to build a waterproof, long-term investment plan. Meanwhile, you’re provided with seamless multi-currency banking services all linked to a single card.

Private banking services… delivered to your phone

Alpian provides completely tailored investing services for fair rates and without any hidden fees. We deliver wealth your way.

Private banking services… delivered to your phone

Every customer has a unique wealth profile. And yours will be one-of-a-kind, too

Alpian is here. Be among Switzerland’s first to join the digital private banking revolution and enjoy a totally customised investing experience.

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