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What is digital private banking?

The opportunity to combine everday banking with accessible investment and private banking services in a hassle-free mobile app.

Switzerland’s private banks have built reputations for providing clients with outstanding long-term investment results. Their secret? They understand their clients’ lives to an exceptional degree - using the insights to build investment portfolios that are natural extensions of their personalities.

Digital private banking unlocks this experience for more than just the ultra-wealthy.

Modern technology allows us to offer personalised banking and investing at a dramatically lower cost than traditional private banking. Our financial advisors connect via video chat to meet with you.

Welcome to Alpian. Switzerland’s first digital private bank

Alpian brings together personalised investing services and seamless daily banking inside a gorgeous app.

Wealth your way

Choose whether you’d like to invest with guidance from our experts or have us build and manage your portfolio.

Wealth your way

We offer a human touch you can count on

Our wealth management team are only ever a chat away. And whenever you’d like to discuss something in-depth, you can book a video call at a time that best suits you.

We offer a human touch you can count on

Seamless personal banking

As an Alpian customer, your daily banking will also become effortless. You get four multi-currency accounts (CHF, EUR, GBP, USD) all connected to one IBAN number and a premium metal VISA Debit Card.

Seamless personal banking
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